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Celebrate the man of the hour

Traditionally, fathers provided for their families while mothers nurtured the children. In today’s modern world, role reversals are commonplace but one thing remains unchanged: whether stay-at-home or office-bound, fathers will always be the larger-than-life men who keep us safe from the dangers of the world.

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Give your boyfriend the gift of youth on Father’s Day


Many men these days are not only concerned about how they look. They also take the time and make the effort to keep young and fit. As the boyfriend of a friend told me, “It takes a lot of work to look this good,” pointing to himself.

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Hey dude, why not makeup as Valentine gift for your GF?


Women wax poetic over powder textures, creams and lip shades the way men discuss to death basketball plays and well-placed punches in MMA. Knowledge of sports stats and stuff won’t benefit you at all as you hit the malls looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriends.

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Gifts to get your loved one moving


Upgrade your significant other’s fitness toolbox this Valentine’s Day. Equip them with the hottest fitness gadget or the coolest workout gear, or finally sign up for that Pilates class you’ve both been planning to join. After all, what better way to say you care than to give the gift of health?

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12 gift ideas for nail polish fans


Given the world’s growing obsession with nail polish, we’re sure you have a lacquer fan or two on your Christmas list this year. But the idea of nail polish shopping can be daunting to the uninitiated—especially since Christmas is five days away and there’s no shortage of brands and shades to choose from.

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The right gifts for the right person

Choosing what gifts to buy for Christmas is as hard as moving through the rush of people who are doing their own shopping.

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Westwood designs Lush ‘wrapper’

British designer Vivienne Westwood has designed a limited-edition Climate Knot-Wrap this Christmas to be sold in all Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetic Stores Worldwide.

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Foldable, convertible bags

Parachute foldable and convertible bags make great eco-friendly gifts. Travelers, shoppers and students alike will find the convertible bag handy and practical, and a guaranteed amazing gift.

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Pâtés and fruitcakes –the good kind–as Christmas gifts


Pâté foie gras was the very first pâté I came across. It was in our family restaurant Au Bon Vivant in Ermita, Manila. It came in a tin can with black truffle in the middle, made by a company in Paris called Petit Quenault.

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Not your usual cookbooks–but perfect holiday gifts


Can’t find a perfect holiday gift for your foodie family and friends? Why not grab these delightful food books that not only teach readers how to prepare healthy, yummy meals, but also provide tips on how to become environmentally responsible individuals?

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