Fast facts about the Sona

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

115: Number of years since Andres Bonifacio delivered the State of the Katipunan Address. Delivered on on March 22, 1897, it is considered as the precursor of today's Sona
Sept. 15, 1898: Date of Emilio Aguinaldo's State of the Revolutionary Nation Address (Sorna) titled "Mensaje Leido por el Presidente del Govierno Revolucionario para el Congreso" soon after the opening of the Malolos Congress
June 16, 1936: Date of Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon's Socga or State of the Commonwealth Government Affairs, delivered during the National Assembly's inaugural session
72: Total number of delivered Sonas as of 2011
1978: First year that the Sona was delivered at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City. Over 30 Sonas has been delivered at the Batasan since then
20: Number of times former President Ferdinand Marcos delivered a Sona
80: Number of rounds of applause President Corazon Aquino received for her first Sona in 1987
23: Number of times President Joseph Estrada was applauded when he delivered his first Sona in 1998
29: Number of rounds of applause Mr. Aquino received in his first Sona
45: Number of rounds of applause Mr. Aquino received in his second Sona, 16 more than the number of times he was applauded in his first Sona
66: Minutes it took President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to deliver her first Sona in 2001, her longest
25: Minutes it took Arroyo to deliver her shortest Sona in July 2005
9: Number of times former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo delivered a Sona
35: Minutes in Filipino it took Mr. Aquino to deliver his first Sona where he announced he would sign a "first ever executive order" on the formation of a truth commission that would investigate wrongdoing in the past nine years
53: Minutes also in Filipino it took Mr. Aquino to deliver his second Sona where he said that stopping the use of the wang-wang has become the "symbol of change, not just in our streets but even in our collective attitude"


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