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Gomez, Peach face off in World Pool Championship

November 10, 2007 20:29:00
Agence France-Presse

MANILA, Philippines -- Robert Gomez of the Philippines and Daryl Peach of England will battle for the top position in the World Pool Championships after winning their semi-final matches here Saturday.

Peach defeated Vilnos Foldes of Hungary 11-2, while Gomez won over Englishman Karl Boyes 11-4 in the matches.

The two are set to fight it out for the championship on Sunday.

Earlier, hometown favorites Francisco and Joven Bustamante lost to Peach and Boyes respectively, failing to qualify for the semi-finals amid some controversy.

In the 20th rack between Peach and Francisco Bustamante, the Filipino sent the ninth ball into the long-corner pocket, igniting premature celebrations from audiences who thought the local player had won.

But the referee, Nigel Rees of Wales, ruled he had played a foul shot, causing Bustamante to ask for a meeting with tournament officials that temporarily suspended play.

After Rees and officials studied replays of the shot, they upheld the ruling that it was a foul, and Bustamante went on to lose to the Blackpool-based Peach 11-10.

Joven, a distant relative of Francisco, lost 11-8 to Boyes.

Gomez, however, managed to make it into the semi-finals by defeating Kuo Po-Cheng of Taiwan 11-4. He then defeated Vilmos Foldes who had earlier beaten 2001 championship winner Mika Immonen of Finland 11-7 to get into the semi-finals.

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