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Where to next after 25 years?

March 04, 2011 23:02:00

Philippine Daily Inquirer

I COMMEND the Inquirer for featuring the front page of its Feb. 26, 1986 issue (with the banner head, “It’s all over; Marcos flees”) on the front page of its Feb. 25, 2011—or its 25th People Power Anniversary—issue. What a very timely reminder as to how we have fared as a nation after that historic revolution 25 years ago.

I was then in junior high school, in a far-flung Samar town unserved by newspapers and television. So we got our news from local radio stations broadcasting in the Waray language.

I was too young then to understand what was happening. And having been born in Samar, I and most people I knew were for former President Ferdinand Marcos. Don’t blame us though because all we could hear then was the good things that were happening during the Marcos years. It was only when democracy was restored, after that tumultuous Edsa People Power, that I came to know of the bad side of martial law.

Twenty-five long years after Marcos’ ouster, where are we heading now? How are we now as a nation? Except for the democracy we are enjoying, where are we in terms of national progress? Have we really benefited from that world-renowned Edsa I Revolution?

We thought that getting rid of Marcos and his cronies would give birth to a better society. Sadly, all the leaders who came after Marcos miserably failed to give us the good life that we all justly deserve. It’s still the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer. It is very depressing that criminals are running wild and law-abiding citizens can hardly feel safe nowadays. Corruption in government is as rampant. Those in power plunder government coffers as if it were the most normal thing to do and they go scot-free. Yes, there are the never-ending Senate investigations but no one goes to jail. So disgusting indeed!

Shall we just be content with celebrating Edsa People Power year after year even without achieving its dream of a truly progressive nation free from corruption and inept leaders? Will we let vengeance continue reigning? Will we let a few selfish individuals impede our progress as a nation?

With President Aquino at the helm of government, it is high time we walked the “daang matuwid” and tasted the long-term benefits of Edsa People Power.

One request though to dear

P-Noy: Do give us enough reason to believe in your leadership.



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