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DepEd receives first batch of laptops from computer firm

July 02, 2008 10:43:00
Katherine Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines -- The Department of Education (DepEd) has received 271 Classmate PC laptop computers from Intel Corporation, the first batch of units from the 820 committed by the company over two years, Education Secretary Jesli Lapus announced in a statement.

The donation is part of the agreement between DepEd, Intel, and Gearing-up for Internet Literacy and Access for Students (GILAS) to help advance the quality of education in public schools by improving student and teacher training in information technology communication, Lapus said.

"This is part of our thrust at DepEd in enlisting the help of the private sector to bring Philippine basic education at a significant comparative advantage with other countries," Lapus said.

He added that the department has to find ways by which public school students could be familiarized with the use of modern technology for education like their counterparts in other countries.

Based on the agreement, DepEd can be used in training teachers, students and other employees responsible for the handling, installation, operation, and maintenance of the donated equipment.

DepEd also has the task of selecting beneficiary schools which should have wireless Internet connection, capacity to ensure the safety and security of the equipment, and should have physical facilities to support the computers, Lapus said.

The department will also provide technical support when the computers malfunction, Lapus said.

Meanwhile, Intel will provide training of teachers on basic ICT literacy under its Intel Teach to the Future program.

The company will also provide other technical and logistical support to program implementation, including supporting the DepEd structure and develop the framework for program evaluation.

GILAS evaluates the readiness of the divisions and schools to implement the program and also secure a one-year Internet connection for public schools.

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