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41st Freego-Tiong Lian caging gets going today

First Posted 12:07:25 08/12/2010


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The 41st season of the Freego Metro Manila Tiong Lian Basketball Association tournament fires off today with multititled host Chiang Kai Shek College battling St. Stephen’s High School in the lone game at the SSHS Gym.

Already the winner of 14 league titles, the CKSC Blue Dragons tangle with the Stephenians at 3:30 p.m. in a game 
where both teams are expected to unravel their new star players.

Kent Lao, a 6-foot-3 gunner, will lead St. Stephen’s campaign while Paul Aduana is backstopping the Blue Dragons who are out to avert Xavier School’s bid for four straight titles and aching to regain their status as Tiong Lian’s No. 1 team.

Also taking part in the seven-team, three-month tournament considered as one of the country’s toughest high school leagues are Hope Christian High School, St. Jude Catholic School, Grace Christian High School and Uno High School.

Bannered by World Youth Games veteran Jeron Teng, the Golden Stallions won’t see action until Dec. 19 when they clash with the Blue Dragons.



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