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Ariza predicts a knockout performance from Pacquiao vs Margarito

Ronnie Nathanielsz
First Posted 03:36:32 31/08/2010


Filed Under: Boxing, Manny Pacquiao, Antonio Margarito, Alex Ariza



MANILA, Philippines—Manny Pacquiao’s conditioning expert Alex Ariza predicts that the Nov. 13 showdown between the Filipino pound-for-pound king and Antonio Margarito will be a war.
Ariza told the Inquirer Sunday that the fight for the vacant WBC super welterweight title, scheduled at the Dallas Cowboys’ $1.2-billion  Stadium, “will be a most exciting fight because Margarito is a pure warrior.”
“I’ll do what I need to do to get Manny into the best shape possible so he can knock him (Margarito) out,” said Ariza, who has been working alongside trainer Freddie Roach in turning Pacquiao into a fighting machine.
The conditioning guru noted that Margarito is the kind of fighter who “will take a ton of punches just to give one.”
“If he punches with Manny, which is what Pacquiao likes, he’ll knock him out,” said Ariza.
Margarito earlier told Sol Rodriguez on Boxingscene.com that he is “going to prove that I don’t need anything that is forbidden to win my battles or past fights.”
The Mexican was referring to the illegal hand wraps that were discovered before his fight against Shane Mosley last year and led to his year-long suspension.
“Now I have the fight with Pacquiao in my hands and I am happy because I have the opportunity to show that I am a clean fighter. I will beat Pacquiao,” added Margarito, who was finally given by the Texas commission a license to fight again Thursday.
Ariza said he would ask Pacquiao to set up training camp “a week earlier” in the Philippines when the fighter arrives in Los Angeles to kick off a three-city promotional tour.
Ariza prefers to set up the training camp in Baguio City, which Pacquiao himself likes, according to the congressman’s chief of staff, lawyer Franklin “Jeng” Gacal.
Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz said that the Filipino champ is leaving for Los Angeles on Monday along with wife Jinkee and Gacal.
Koncz said Pacquiao would begin training on Sept. 20 although no decision has been made with regard to where he will train.




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