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Baguio boy bags gold in world wushu tilt

First Posted 12:06:33 12/12/2010


Filed Under: Wushu, World Junior Wushu Championships, John Keithley Chan, Amado Benito



Baguio city's John Keithley Chan and Amado Benito bagged gold and bronze medals, respectively, to highlight Team Philippines’ campaign in the 3rd World Junior Wushu Championships held in Singapore recently.

A senior at the Baguio Patriotic High School, Chan chalked up 9.55 points to squeak past Hong Kong’s Ng Chun Ngai (9.54) and Malaysian Yap Wai Kin (9.52) for the gilt in spear play.

Benito thrashed Kant Shashi for the bronze medal in the sanshou or san da (combat) 48 kg division.



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