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PFF boots out Martinez as prexy

Cedelf P. Tupas
First Posted 01:37:28 30/11/2010


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Citing total loss of trust and confidence, the Philippine Football Federation yesterday removed Jose Mari Martinez as president and voted Iloilo Football Association head Mariano “Nonong” Araneta to take the reins until the elections next year. 

Acting on a board resolution calling for Martinez’s ouster, 25 of the 33 football associations voted to oust the former national player-turned official at the PFF Annual Congress. 

Two FA presidents—Taghi Kashef of Legaspi-Albay FA and Leo Arnaiz of Baguio FA—left before the Congress voted on Martinez’s fate, while Rene Cosmod of Davao and Jose Reniva of Camarines abstained. 

Araneta, who was nominated by M’lang Mayor and North Cotabato FA president Joselito Pinol, called for unity and pledged transparency as the PFF moves on from the controversy. 

“Unity is essential to football,” said Araneta. “I want to work with the stakeholders to make football better.” 

The board recommendation said it was proven that Martinez made unauthorized disbursement of PFF funds and falsified documents apart from his non-return of the P2.8 million he took from the federation’s coffers.
“That board meeting is unacceptable,” said Martinez, claiming that he wasn’t even invited to the meeting, a contention disputed by PFF general secretary Chito Manuel. 



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