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Peñalosa ends career with TKO victory

Ronnie Nathanielsz
First Posted 09:00:14 12/10/2010


Filed Under: Boxing, Gerry Penalosa, Yodsarnkeng Kietmangmee, Jimrex Jaca



Former two division world champion Gerry Peñalosa said farewell to his fans with a sixth-round TKO win Sunday night over Thai Yodsaenkeng Kietmangmee, who he described as ordinary.
Peñalosa then reiterated to the Inquirer that his retirement was final, dispelling reports that he would fight again in December.
“This is definitely the end,” said one of the more iconic personalities in Philippine boxing. “No more fights.”
The 38-year-old southpaw proved too good for his Thai opponent who failed to connect any clean blows against the shifty Peñalosa at the Zamboanga City coliseum.
Peñalosa battered Kietmangmeewho until the referee pulled the plug in the sixth round.
Jimrex Jaca scored a sixth-round TKO over Korea’s rugged Choi Jong Yoon in the undercard.



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