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Solar drops PBA for ‘feminine’ programs

Musong R. Castillo
First Posted 12:36:18 08/12/2010


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Solar Entertainment is dropping not only the PBA games but the NBA and future fights of Manny Pacquiao as well.

With a new partner infusing capital and wanting a new direction, Solar Sports yesterday formally informed the PBA’s board of governors that it will cease covering the games after the ongoing Philippine Cup.
The official statement from the pro league’s media arm only said that Solar had informed the PBA of its decision to reformat and did not elaborate why.

After two-plus seasons, it is dropping the PBA coverage with still two conferences left in its contract.

A very reliable source, however, told the Inquirer that Solar has accepted a new partner, which the source declined to name for now, and that the partner wants the television outfit to go “feminine” and drop all sports programs in its current lineup of shows.

With this development, the league announced that bidding for the rights to cover the league will start in January, even as Solar told the PBA that it is holding talks with TV giants ABS-CBN and TV5 to assume the final two conferences of its contract.

“Nothing is definite at this time,” commissioner Chito Salud was quoted in the statement. “They’re (Solar) still talking to a third party.”

League chair Rene Pardo of Derby Ace was assured by Solar through COO Peter Chanliong that it would cover the rest of the Philippine Cup.



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