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Two Indonesian clubs woo Azkals’ skipper

Cedelf P. Tupas
First Posted 12:58:04 16/02/2011


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MANILA---Two Indonesian football clubs have expressed interest in tapping the services of Philippine team skipper Aly Borromeo. 

The 27-year-old Borromeo, who plays central defense for the Azkals, told the Inquirer that Semarang United and the Medan Chiefs have contacted him for a possible deal to play in the Indonesian Premiere League.

“I’m still negotiating right now and if the league is a go and the offer is something I can’t refuse then I’ll do it for a few years,” said Borromeo, who currently plays for Kaya FC in the United Football League.

Borromeo has also been invited to try out with a few teams in League 1, the third-tier league in English football. Among the teams are Plymouth and Brighton, he said. 

But Borromeo is intrigued by the offer to play in Indonesia since the “money is better.”

Phil and James Younghusband, who are Borromeo’s teammates in the national team, have also been offered a contract to play with Jakarta FC in the IPL, considered by the Indonesian Football Federation as a “rebel league.”

But the deal has been stalled because of concerns that the brothers could be sanctioned for playing in a league not sanctioned by the International Football Federation (Fifa).

Philippine Football Federation president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta yesterday said he will ensure that the national players will be protected when they play in Indonesia.

“We want to look after the interests of our players,” said Araneta. “We know there is a problem in Indonesia but it’s an internal problem. We want to make sure that our players can still play for the national team.”

Borromeo said that the league set to be put up by PFF sponsor Smart Communications is “promising.”

 “However, I also have to concentrate on my own career and clubs abroad are interested,” Borromeo said. 

“The support towards football abroad is still far from our local league. Hopefully in the near future we can make a comfortable living playing locally.”



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