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WW President’s Cup starts at West course

First Posted 03:16:41 11/12/2010


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The 10th President’s Cup tees off today at Wack Wack’s West Course with 288 players vying for top honors in various divisions and a wide array of prizes staked in the event.

WW president Dr. Philip Ella Juico will hit the ceremonial drive to kick off the 18-hole tournament held in his honor.

Because of the huge field, two shotgun start tee-offs will be held at 6:30 a.m. and 12 noon. Events on tap are Groups I, II and III and seniors in the men’s category and Groups I and II for the ladies and guest division under the Double Peoria scoring system, according to Wack Wack’s sports and games committee chair Eddie Gobing.

A brand-new Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Vios J are up for grabs as hole-in-one prizes.

Kart Plaza and Club Car are also putting up golf carts for hole-in-one feats while Dynamic Sports will give away a new set of golf irons for aces.

Heading the major hole sponsors are Pacific Links Golf Developers Inc, Pacific Online Corp. Splash Corp., San Miguel Corp. and Stradcom Corp. Premier sponsors are Unilever Phils. and Northern Islands Co. Inc. 



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