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Lady Eagles capture 1st volley title

The Lady Eagles stunned the Lady Falcons en route to a first major title in nearly 34 years. Read More



Sev Sarmenta

One big velodrome


A sports journalist can’t stop thinking about sports even ...

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Recah Trinidad

Doubt Mosley, but never Pacquiao


Manny Pacquiao has been against useless drugs, mainly contra...

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contributor of the week


The Inquirer sports channel will be accepting contributions from college writers. Contributions must be in the form of feature articles on any UAAP/NCAA sport or personality except basketball. The best features of the week will be posted on this page. E-mail articles to sports.inquirer@yahoo.com. Please include your personal information in your articles.


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Power Rankings

UAAP: Basketball

The Tamaraws claim top spot, Bulldogs on the rise.

RANKING 4th Rank Here

NCAA: Basketball

The Red Lions are number one.

RANKING 1st Rank Here
player of the week
Keys to Victory

Clash of the rivals

Ateneo - La Salle Round 1: How it could go down


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