No break from corruption at Customs on Holy Week
By On May 05th, 2014

They did not even break for Holy Week. Corruption at the Bureau of Customs went on unabated “even shortly before, during and right after the...

Significant innovations boost ‘Seven Last Words’
By On May 03rd, 2014

Last month, we received a request from a well-known priest to catch the Good Friday “Seven Last Words” on different TV networks, to vet them...

Mt. Banahaw visitors down to only 3,000—DENR
On Apr 24th, 2014

From more than half a million pilgrims and trekkers who climbed Mount Banahaw on Holy Week a decade ago, the number of Lenten visitors last...

Bomb found in Cagayan de Oro-bound bus
On Apr 24th, 2014

Alert passengers of a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City foiled what could be a bloody Holy Week in Sultan Kudarat province when they...

DPWH: Edsa reblocking not yet over
By On Apr 22nd, 2014

Of the remaining 27,633 square meters of road space on Edsa targeted for repairs by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) under a...

Truckers group kick off new protest against Manila truck ban
By On Apr 22nd, 2014

An organization of truckers, importers, exporters and licensed brokers held a protest yesterday against the expanded truck ban being implemented by the Manila City government....

Total rehab of Quezon Bridge pushed
By On Apr 22nd, 2014

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will push for the “total rehabilitation” of the fire-damaged Quezon Bridge in Manila after the reinforcement of...

The President’s heavy cross
By On Apr 22nd, 2014

President Noy, in his Easter message, vowed to step up the fight against corruption in government until the remainder of his term in 2016....