Marixi R. Prieto
Former Chair
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Inquirer Interactive, Inc.
“Our purpose and values are very valuable in moments like this for our readers, partners, advertisers and the communities we serve. This is our way of contributing to nation building.”
Paolo R. Prieto
Chairman and President
Inquirer Interactive, Inc.
“ strives to provide reliable and credible information to readers’ questions. We’ve adopted several innovative features to enhance content.”
Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez
CEO and President
Philippine Daily Inquirer
“In hindsight, what seems like a natural and necessary step was actually one that was filled with both anxiety and excitement.”
Imelda C. Alcantara
Head of Operations
Inquirer Interactive, Inc.
“The pandemic presented a lot of great opportunities that enabled us to learn and work together as a team, recover from past mistakes, make smart choices and discover what we are capable of.”