Monday, July 13, 2020

Clestra’s IRYS sets a new global trend in corporate landscape

Wellington Soong, Chairman, Frigate Holdings and Management Corp. and Milen Batungabacal, president, Ultra Modular Concepts, Inc. (UMCI is under Frigate) inside the IRYS. PHOTO by Sonny Espiritu

Work these days can be defined as individual, collaborative, nomadic, and dependent on the time of day and the nature of the assignment.  Various research on the corporate workplace talk about the need for a new workplace landscape to give the worker the right balance of emotional, physical and cognitive well-being. Studies highlight the need to incorporate spaces that allow for privacy, and spaces that support different work modes. Therefore, employees require spaces that can accommodate their ever-changing needs to be efficient and effective.

To answer the need for a workplace solution that can adapt to the dynamic of modern day work and culture, UMCI (Ultra Modular Concepts, Inc.) brings to the Philippines, Clestra Hauserman’ s IRYS.

The system can be a workplace, a space for socializing, and a living space altogether. It changes to suit the extensive range of choices required in today’s workplace and becomes an integrated system of multi-faceted spaces. The IRYS is an evolutive system, and in the simplest sense, user-friendly, easily customizable to fit user requirements. Ambience, aesthetic, equipment to name a few, are all user-adjustable and interchangeable.

The IRYS is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The pod and can be easily relocated to a different location within a day.  It features built-in lighting, pre-cabled electrical wiring, acoustic panels and air flow management.  The pod can also be adjusted to adapt to the shape and size of its location.

Prior to its commercial launch in Europe and the United States, IRYS was acclaimed and received the internationally coveted 2016 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The system was selected among 5,000 products from 57 countries in the world.  The award is a testament to the IRYS’s outstanding design quality and innovative approach to creating innovative solutions for today’s workplace environment.

Olestra Hauserman’s IRYS is now in Manila as part of its Asian leg, hosted by Clestra’s Philippine distributor, UMCI (ULTRA Modular Concepts, Inc.)

Milen Batungbacal, president of UMCI, said: “Clestra helps us achieve our commitment towards providing hard-working, efficient and effective workplace environments in the Philippines.”

Inside the relocatable workspace pod IRYS, winner of the 2016 Red Dot Award for Product Design. PHOTO by Sonny Espiritu

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