Grieving over an ex-spouse
By On Apr 08th, 2018

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Holy Week was great in Manila. ...

Banks return post-Holy Week excess cash to BSP, tap term deposit facility
By On Apr 05th, 2018

Financial institutions started returning to the central bank’s liquidity control scheme to deposit their excess cash after a noticeable decline in interest ahead of last...

40,000 crowd ports Monday to return to Manila – Coast Guard
By On Apr 03rd, 2018

Thousands of passengers continued to flock to the different ports in the country to return to Manila after spending the Holy Week in the provinces....

Lenten pilgrims, trekkers leave trail of trash
On Apr 03rd, 2018

The environmental watchdog EcoWaste Coalition lamented the volume of trash left in two popular pilgrimage and picnic sites in the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal...

8K patients assisted by Red Cross during Holy Week
By On Apr 02nd, 2018

The Philippine Red Cross assisted more than 8,000 people including drowning and seizure patients over the weekend....

MRT-3 deploys 15 trains after Holy Week break
By On Apr 02nd, 2018

The Metro Rail Transit line 3 (MRT-3) managed to deploy 15 trains after it conducted maintenance work during the Holy Week....

7 killed, 811 arrested in PNP’s Holy Week anti-drug ops nationwide
By On Apr 02nd, 2018

Seven individuals were killed while 811 others were arrested in the five-day Holy Week anti-illegal drugs operations of the police force, Philippine National Police (PNP)...

NPA attacks during Holy Week ‘all the more angers us’ – Dureza
By On Apr 02nd, 2018

The Philippine government condemned on Monday the “senseless destruction” allegedly caused by communist rebels in Davao City during the Holy Week. “The fact that three consecutive...