Covering Kobe, Manny: 2 farewells in a week »


    LOS ANGELES—All my life as a sports fan, it had always been headlines about Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, or Manny Pacquiao and his stunning knockouts, that I woke up to.   I’m 26, and Kobe had played 20 years with the Lakers, trying passionately to become the next Michael Jordan.  Pacquiao, meanwhile, had been a pro boxer for about 21 years, 15 of those spent headlining Philippine newspapers as…

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Arum disappointed with PPV buys of Pacquiao-Bradley 3 »

Bob Arum

If indeed Manny Pacquiao’s retiring after his recent victory over Timothy Bradley, he will be walking away from the sports with a dud. Sure, Pacquiao showed moments of brilliance when he knocked Bradley down twice but if pay-per-view (PPV) buys are to be measured, it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster. As per, it’s estimated that 400,000 pay-per-view buys were registered for the third fight between Paquiao and Bradley.   READ: Pacquiao-Bradley 3 gets less…

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Pacquiao gets twin requests for a KO »


MANNY Pacquiao may have no choice but heed this fresh calls for a knockout. Fresh from his sensational win over Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas, Pacquiao has firmed up his shot at a Senate seat in the May 9 national polls. In short, he doesn’t have to come up with a KO effort in order to score a victory in the next elections. * * * But there indeed is a call for a…

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