Legends and surprises in Albay
By On Aug 30th, 2015

It is the story of three mountains, rather three maidens, a prequel written by poet Jun Balde of Albay who is like every good Bicolano...

The unlikely Mama San
By On Aug 30th, 2015

The private joke going around Samal Island is that it is home to the biggest brothel in town, with Norma Monfort as its unlikely mama...

Paradise Next Door
By On Aug 30th, 2015

Bloody Mary singing about Bali Hai in the Broadway play and subsequent Hollywood movie “South Pacific” made us dream of islands in the sun, islands...

Resorts Are for Foodies Too!
By On Aug 30th, 2015

It’s bathing suit season once again! That can mean two things: It’s time to not eat so you don’t pass off as a beached whale,...

It isn’t what you think
On Aug 29th, 2015


More favorite ‘secret’ summer destinations
By , On Aug 30th, 2015

“My personal favorite destination is not really a secret one because it’s quite well-known. It’s the good old Miniloc Resort of El Nido because it’s...

4 El Nido resorts capture picture-perfect summers
By On Aug 29th, 2015

Its picture-perfect images will make you think twice if such places do exist, or if they are merely a figment of an artist’s creative imagination....

Tourist arrivals in Puerto Princesa likely to hit 700,000
By On Aug 29th, 2015

The number of tourists visiting Puerto Princesa City, Palawan is likely to increase in the next few months with its main attraction, the Puerto Princesa...