Lampedusa, island and symbol

Lampedusa? Where/what is that? If you are wondering, you are not the only one as the local press has been resoundingly silent about the very first trip of Pope Francis away from the confines of Rome. It was not to his own Buenos Aires or some other great city, not

Rizal and Pope Francis

In September 1894 while in exile in Dapitan, Jose Rizal wrote to one of his favorite former teachers, the Jesuit priest Pablo Pastells, to thank the latter for a gift. Rizal knew Pastells had an agenda, which was to bring this wayward subversive back into the Catholic fold.

The language of Pope Francis

Much has been written about the broad differences that separate Pope Francis from Pope Benedict XVI, and the comparison tends to be at the latter’s expense. This must be personally disconcerting for Francis. For, indeed, he has said many times that he frequently consults with his predecessor. But, perhaps more

Faith and family in the modern world

Starting today, Oct. 5, Catholic bishops from all over the world are congregating in Rome to discuss for the next two weeks the situation of the family in the contemporary world and the pastoral challenges this poses for the Church “in the context of evangelization.” This extraordinary synod reflects the

Inclusion, not exclusion

Pope Francis has brought inclusiveness, among other things, to the Church, literally opening its doors to those it has long excluded—the lowly and the lapsed, as well as those with nonconformist lifestyles. He has brought about this great change both in word and deed, and called on the faithful to